Fontana Roof offers two types of tile roofing warranties; our new Standard Level Material Warranty and our Premium No Leak Warranty for our Fontana Vulca Seal Organic Base 40# or Vulca Seal G40 underlayment.

Our Premium Level No Leak Limited Warranty  has a 10 year single ply, and 20-year double ply that goes beyond any other manufacturer warranties. This premium level warranty warrants coverage over the installation methods as well as the products performance. In the event of a leak, the underlayment material, as well as the cost of labor is covered for the repair.  This premium level warranty is only available to contractors certified by the Tile Roofing Institute

Our newly released standard level “Limited Material Warranty” covers material defects only for Vulca Seal Organic 30# (ASTM D226 Type II), Vulca Seal Organic Base 40#, or Vulca Seal G40 for the period of 10 years for a single ply, and 20 years for a double. This warranty has no charge, requires no certification, and covers the replacement of any defective material only.

Please call our office at 909-442-1411 for more information. If you are a current Fontana warranty user, scroll down the page to register your product.

Fontana’s G40 and Organic Base 40# Warranty Registration by Certified TRI Contractors

Fontana Roof manufacturer provides a stand-alone warranty on their underlayment products.

Only Certified TRI Roofing Installers may request a Fontana warranty card which will be sent to the homeowners. Certified TRI Roofing Installers must fill out and submit a contractor’s registration form with proof of purchase within 30 days of product installation. For each Warranty Card, or each job you are requesting a warranty for, a separate warranty registration form needs to be submitted along with proof of purchase.

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Fill out the contractor’s registration form below and submit with your proof of purchase.

Email: Attention Warranty Service Department