ASTM 30# – 22” Shake felt


22”W x 120’ L


220 sq. ft.

Rolls per Pallet:


Pallets per Truck:

26 = 832 rolls


  • ASTM D-226-97a Type II
  • ASTM D-4869-03 Type IV
  • UL™ Type 30 Saturated Felt
  • UL ER 18554-01


Keep on end and off of the ground. Do not stack more than 2 pallets high.

Product Description

VulcaSeal 22” Shake felt is an asphalt saturated underlayment space sheeting that provides maximum protection against water penetration under a wood shake roof. Its broader exposure allows for a more substantial overlay between shake layers offering you more protection against extreme water saturation, snow, and wind-driven rain.

Recommended Application

For use under wood shake or specialized architectural applications.