Fontana Roof Offers a Leak Warranty that Covers Labor!

Are you a roofing professional that works with tile roofs or wants to work with tile roofs?

As a professional, you are always looking for ways to improve your business and give something to your clients. After all, being able to provide your clients with the best products makes selling the job easier.
There are many reasons to use Fontana Roof’s G40 and 40# tile underlayment. First, their quality is known throughout the industry. Second, Fontana puts technological advancements and care into each roll that is made. But perhaps the most important reason is this: when correctly installed, Fontana offers a comprehensive leak warranty for both of these products – and this warranty also covers the cost of the labor, for the repair, if the leak occurs over the duration of the warranty.

What does this say about Fontana Roof?

It says that we fully believe in the strength and quality of our product, and are willing to go the extra mile for any roofer who learns to use our products that is consistent with the Tile Roofing Institute installation manual.

Both G40 and 40# are underlayment for tile roofs in a moderate climate – and tile roofs need to be installed to exact specifications in order to be effective. These specifications are outlined clearly in the manual created by the tile manufactures and other industry professionals. TRI offers certification classes across the country, teaching roofers how to properly install a tile roof. With this certification, any professional roofer is able to take advantage of the Fontana leak warranty that covers labor. TRI has two upcoming classes in the west, Phoenix, AZ and San Diego, CA. Click here to see these and all future classes.

Fontana Roof wants to build lasting relationships with quality roofers, and we feel that building strong bonds of support on both sides is vitally important. One of the best qualities of the roofing community is the long line of tradition and craftsmanship that has been passed down through the generations. Fontana has been a west coast manufacturer for 30 years, and has consistently provided some of the best underlayment on the market. Ask roofers, distributors and manufacturers about us – the company built by the Thagard family – and they will tell you that their products stand the test of time.

For more information on the TRI moderate climate installation manual and upgrades on Fontana Roof tile roof warranty please give us call at 909-823-2100 or send an email to For more information on TRI CLICK HERE.


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