vulcaseal 30 22 inch
VulcaSeal ASTM #30 - 22 inch Shakefelt
Dimensions:          22”W x 120’ Linear: 220sq/ft
Rolls per Pallet:     32
Pallets per Truck:  26 = 832 rolls
Specifications:      ASTM D-226-97a Type II
                             ASTM D-4869-03 Type IV
                             UL™ Type 30 Saturated Felt 
                             ICC® ES ESR 2837
Storage:   Keep on end and off ground.
                Do not stack more than 2 pallets high.

Product Description

VulcaSeal 22” Shakefelt is an asphalt saturated inter-layment space sheeting that provides maximum protection against water penetration under wood shake roof. Its wider exposure allows for a larger overlay between shake layers offering your more protection against extreme water saturation, snow, and wind
driven rain.

For use under WOOD SHAKE or specialized architectural applications
VulcaSeal 30 22 inch MSD

"A Tradition in Roofing Materials"