VulcaSeal ASTM #15 - 4 sq
Dimensions:          36”W x 144’ Linear: 432sq/ft
Rolls per Pallet:     30
Pallets per Truck:  30 = 900 rolls
Specifications:      ASTM D-226-97a Type I
                             ASTM D-4869-03 Type I
                             UL™ Type 15 Saturated Felt
                             ICC® ES ESR 2837
Storage:   Keep on end and off ground.
                Do not stack more than three pallets high.

Product Description

Vulca Seal ASTM #15 is an Asphalt Saturated Recycled Paper that provides excellent protection for your home and family under ASPHALT SHINGLES.

rolling out underlayment

For use under ASPHALT SHINGLE roofing.
VulcaSeal 15 4sq Perf

"A Tradition in Roofing Materials"