What makes Lockridge
...the best!

Lockridge TileLockridge is a urethane polymeric foam roofing product that incorpor- ates the durability and rigidity of a roof ridge tile, while offering the look and versatility of a granulized composition shingle.
Its 90% closed-cell foam structure eliminates the risk of water absorption and offers easy shape manipulation with standard utility blade. Lockridge utilizes a modified asphalt hinge strip that accommo-dates roof pitches from 2/12 to 12/12 by linking two 3-dimensional rigged halves that will never sag and provide an aesthetic natural shadow through- out the product life. Comparatively, folded cap sheets sag and lose their shape over time. The tongue and groove design only requires two nail penetrations per section, and eliminates the need for additional asphalt sealant.


ridge-before  ridge-afterThe worn-out ridge (left photo) was applied at the same time as the field.
With proper installation, Lockridge (right photo), will maintain a beautiful
look for the entire roof life.

"The Next Leap in Roofing Technologies"
What Comes in One Bundle of Lockridge?
Each bundle contains 30 pieces; 29 ridge and 1 universal piece. This bundle will complete approximately 20 linear feet
of ridge. Lockridge is also the only ridge product that provides this universal
piece to make hip and ridge installation
more attractive and easier to install. 
Note that Lockridge® requires reduced
fastening force, and Tri-Laminate (TL)
Hip installations is NOT standard.


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"A Tradition in Roofing Materials"